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Mia Ottosson

Mia has been working as a professional medium for +25 years. She is the only one from the Nordic countries who is a Tutor and a Course Organiser at the Arthur Findlay CollegeShe works with Psychic and Spiritual Art by creating Spirit Portraits and Soul Pictures, also known as Auragraphs

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In Sweden she is the president of the Spiritual Organisaton Speak of Spirit. She runs the organisation together with her good friend Carina Tanaskovic and they are trying to put spiritualism back on the map once again in a rational way.That means, free of influences and philosophy from any other religions.She is trying to raise the bar of knowledge and believes strongly in cooperation and community.The education in Speak of Spirit is influenced a lot from her own hard training and she works a lot alongside with her colleagues from Arthur Findlay College.Mia has a huge experience from not only life but also nearly 30 years of a working medium.She believes strongly that you can never learn enough and think it is an ongoing journey to try to understand yourself and the work of a medium.Quality, ethics and moral is so important and there is no excuses for bad work. The responsibility lays always with the medium.If we take away the excuses and take responsibility for our work, not being so afraid of doing it wrong we would have so much more good mediums today.

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Mia is dedicated to her mediumship teaching and bringing out the best in her students!Mia has developed her 1:1 Mentorship Program which spans over 5 sessions and you can learn more right hereAs a Spirit Artist she absolutely loves Soul Pictures if you have a strong desire for one then Mia and her spirit artist will be honored to serve. You can Get a Soul Picture herePrivate Sittings - If you have a strong need you can sign up here to hear first when sittings are available through her newsletter. These are first come first served basis and do not guarantee a sitting. Do note due to Mia's busy schedule her availability is very limited
Mia is often having events and courses see current and upcoming events here
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Mia is always open to hear from youIf your inquiry is about mentorship, soul pictures or sittings please go to Work With Mia instead.If you need to speak to Mia about anything else feel free to use the button below to send an email.She is available on all social platforms too!